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  • Kathy Marsak

Sixes and Self-Doubt

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I love this poem, Maybe Not, by yoga teacher and musician Danna Faulds, because it so well illustrates the anxiety and self-doubt often felt by Sixes. You can almost feel the "analysis paralysis"... but, what if, maybe not. We all have a bit of Type Six inside of us, and we all feel anxiety at times. What if the guidance you are looking outside yourself for has been within you all along? Your new mantra: I let go of looking for every possible problem.



Begin somewhere.

Take one deep breath

and dive.

Plunge into the core

of your most persistent fear,

or your greatest joy.

Grow comfortable

with the act of exploration.

Well, maybe

not comfortable,

but confident of

your ability to be

sure footed

on slick rocks,

steady while the

winds gust.

Well, maybe not

entirely confident,

but willing to set out

despite persistent

doubts, breathing

your way into

whatever you are facing.

Well, maybe not even

all that willing,

but you take it

anyway, that first step

into the unknown.

Courage is starting

where there is

no secure outcome,

no sure result.

The secret is you can

begin again at any time.

Take one deep breath,

and dive.

- Maybe Not, by Danna Faulds


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