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  • Kathy Marsak

Sevens and Wanting More

Sevens tend to be optimistic, upbeat, and adventurous people. They are “mental types” (in the Head Center of Intelligence) with minds that are constantly busy imagining multiple options and planning for pleasurable possibilities in order to avoid pain and escape frustration, limitation, and boredom. But all of this emphasis on the future keeps them out of the present moment, where life – in its full spectrum – is actually happening.

We all have a bit of Seven in us, avoiding unpleasant circumstances and, as this poem reminds us, wanting more than we have. What if we were able to settle into the present moment, the only place from which we are able to dip below the surface of life and experience the depths that truly give it meaning? It is only from those depths that we can notice the “joy that is strewn all around”.

Only a beige slat of sun above the horizon, like a shade pulled not quite down. Otherwise, clouds. Sea rippled here and there. Birds reluctant to fly. The mind wants a shaft of sun to stir the grey porridge of clouds, an osprey to stitch sea to sky with its barred wings, some dramatic music: a symphony, perhaps a Chinese gong. But the mind always wants more than it has— one more bright day of sun, one more clear night in bed with the moon; one more hour to get the words right; one more chance for the heart in hiding to emerge from its thicket in dried grasses—as if this quiet day with its tentative light weren't enough, as if joy weren't strewn all around.

- Mind Wanting More

by Holly J. Hughes

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