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  • Kathy Marsak

Sevens and the Gift of Joy

William Blake tells us that “Exuberance is beauty”. He must have been talking about Sevens, the Enneagram’s masters of joy! I love how this poem – Sky Diving by Nikki Giovanni – invites us into the world of the Seven: enthusiastic, high-energy, imaginative, positive, spontaneous, adventurous. What brings YOU this kind of unmitigated, not-tied-to-the-earth joy? How might you bring more of it into your life…today?



I hang on the edge

of this universe

singing off-key

talking too loud

embracing myself

to cushion the fall

I shall tumble

into deep space

never in this form

or with this feeling

to return to earth

It is not tragic

I will spiral

through that Black hole

losing skin limbs

internal organs


my naked soul


in the next galaxy

with only my essence

embracing myself


I dream of you - Sky Diving, by Nikki Giovanni


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