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Enneagram Basics: Growth Points

Moving along the lines in the opposite direction of our Stress Point is our movement toward health and wholeness at our Growth Point, also called our Integration Point, Security Point or Heart Point.  We might briefly "visit" our Growth Point when we are relaxed and happy, for example when we are on vacation or are "in the zone" doing something we really love.  However, unlike unconscious movement to our Stress Point, movement in the direction of our Growth Point generally happens as we consciously choose to become more present and awake.  Only then can we truly embody those qualities that antidote the habitual patterns for our type.   
Let's take a look at the movement toward our Growth Point... 
Direction of Growth: 1→7→5→8→2→4→1 and 9→3→6→9
When moving in their Direction of Growth...
Ones can become more spontaneous and joyful, like healthy Sevens. 
Twos can become more self-nurturing and emotionally deep, like healthy Fours.
Threes can become more cooperative and authentic, like healthy Sixes.
Fours can become more objective and principled, like healthy Ones.
Fives can become more grounded and decisive, like healthy Eights.
Sixes can become more relaxed and harmonious, like healthy Nines. 
Sevens can become more focused and fascinated by life, like healthy Fives.
Eights can become more open-hearted and caring, like healthy Twos.
Nines can become more self-developing and energetic, like healthy Threes. 

"The process of integration is not about what we 'should' do - it is a process of consciously letting go of aspects of our type that block us.  When we stop holding on to defenses, attitudes, and fears, we experience an organic unfolding and balancing as natural as the blossoming of a flower." - Wisdom of the Enneagram

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Next Steps on Your Journey:
1. Thinking about the Enneatype that you are currently exploring, what is your type's Growth (Integration) Point? 
2. What does integration look like for you?  What traits of your Growth Point do you take on? 
3. How do those qualities and behaviors show up?  Can you give some examples?
4. What types of situations, feelings or thoughts foster integration for you?
5. How might you access more of the qualities on the "high side" of your Growth Point?
6. What else has your Growth Point shown you?
7. Let's move on to Instincts and Subtypes...
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