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The Enneagram is a vast body of knowledge and wisdom, in terms of both depth and breadth, that is constantly growing and evolving. 
In this section, Enneagram Basics, we will briefly explore the nine types and other foundational components of the system, with an eye toward discovering and/ or validating your Enneatype.  As we move through the basics we will develop a shared language and understanding that we can then utilize as we move through deeper layers of exploration.  
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Next Steps on Your Journey:
1. At the end of each section you will find some suggested "Next Steps" on the journey of discovering, validating, and working with your Enneatype. You may find it helpful to have a journal on hand to record your thoughts and feelings, discoveries and reflections.
2. One of your goals on this journey will be to get really good at objective self-observation.  In order to do that, you'll need healthy doses of curiosity, self-compassion (the beautiful Sanskrit word karuna), and absolutely a sense of humor. What's one small thing you might do today to cultivate more self-compassion?
3. What is your motivation for wanting to learn about the Enneagram?  What do you hope to take away with you?  
4. And like any journey, before you set off you may want to consider...what do you want to take with you, and what might you want to leave behind that is no longer serving you?
5. My suggestion would be to take this journey at a slow enough pace to give yourself plenty of time to think about the nine basic components of the Enneagram system, work with the exercises, and really feel into how it might be applied to your life.  You may want to spend a week on each component (for a total of nine weeks).    
Are you ready to get started?  Click on The Nine Types... 
The only journey is the one within.
                                        - Rainier Maria Rilke
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