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About Kathryn Marsak 

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My journey with the Enneagram began in 2005.  At the time I owned an independent bookstore in Northern California (after a corporate career in Los Angeles), and our Events Coordinator arranged for a local Enneagram teacher to do a presentation at the store.  We had been selling a lot of books on the subject, and I was intrigued.  That class catapulted me on a journey of discovery that continues to this day.  (The presentation must have been a pretty good one, as I married that Enneagram teacher three years later!)


Along the way I recognized that I was a Three with a Four wing, with a Self-Preservation instinct.  My landing on type and subtype was both humbling and exhilarating…and left me wanting to know more.  Over the next few years I went on to complete the The Enneagram Institute Professional Training Program with Don Richard Riso (now passed) and Russ Hudson.


After selling the bookstore I founded a coaching and consulting company, with the mission of guiding the development of overwhelmed CEOs and Senior Management Teams into truly inspired leaders.  It was through the application of the Enneagram in my coaching practice that I came to understand what a powerful and profound tool it can be. 


In 2020 I completed The Narrative Enneagram Professional Training Program.  My vision is to help bring the Enneagram to the widest audience possible as a vehicle for personal and global transformation.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with my husband - Enneagram teacher, author and workshop leader - Carl Marsak (definitely a Seven!) and our Golden Retriever, Sita (probably a Nine).


Summary of Training:

  • Certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West in San Francisco, CA. Based on the work of Ken Wilber and others, NVW conducts a comprehensive coach training program in compliance with the rigorous standards of the ICF (International Coach Federation)

  • Completed The Narrative Enneagram Professional Training Program  

  • Completed The Enneagram Institute Professional Training Program with Russ Hudson and Don Richard Riso (now passed)

  • Yoga Alliance RYS-200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Shasta Yoga Institute

  • Yoga Alliance RYS-300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification through YogaRenew

  • Certified Executive Coach through E-Myth Worldwide (based on the work of Michael Gerber and his seminal book The E-Myth Revisited) through 2019

Summary of Experience:

  • Twelve years of international corporate experience at the Senior Management (VP) level

  • Fifteen years of business ownership - including selling a profitable, turnkey business

  • Ten plus years as an Executive Coach, working with business leaders heading organizations of $10-100M GAR

Summary of Education:

  • B.A., Psychology, California State University, Fullerton, CA

  • Graduate Studies in Psychology, Eastern Washington University, WA

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Always remember that it is your birthright and natural state

to be wise and noble, loving and generous, to esteem yourself

and others, to be creative and constantly renewing yourself,

to be engaged in the world in awe and in depth, to have

courage and to rely on yourself, to be joyous and effortlessly accomplished, to be strong and effective, to enjoy peace of

mind and to be present to the unfolding mystery of your life.

                                                     - Don Richard Riso

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