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Nine ways of being... 

The Enneagram is a powerful psychological and spiritual system for self-exploration and transformation.  Rooted in ancient wisdom, and in alignment with the latest research on neuroscience and cognitive psychology, it is a relevant and applicable tool for navigating the realities of the 21st century.  Once found only in more esoteric circles, it is now firmly established in countless applications throughout the world.  

Our study of the Enneagram begins with a look at the nine personality "types" or "styles" that reflect nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting. As we move into expanded layers of discovery our self-imposed limitations and assumptions are challenged, allowing us to see more clearly both what keeps us stuck and a developmental path forward to more conscious choices and sustainable change.

I have created a step-by-step Roadmap for you to follow to first discover your type, then explore it through the basic components of the Enneagram system:


Of course knowledge of your "type" is just the beginning of the journey...that's when the real work begins. How can we use that knowledge to become wiser and more compassionate to ourselves and others as we begin to understand the different lenses through which people view the world?  How can we use that knowledge to clearly see our patterns and habits so that we can become more and more free of them?  In a world that needs our talents and gifts, how can we use that knowledge to wake ourselves up and shine our brightest lights?

Note that there are several excellent Enneagram schools and many, many books on the subject (and more all the time!).  I draw on the works of many teachers throughout this website, and especially on those of my primary teachers, Don Richard Riso (now passed) and Russ Hudson of The Enneagram Institute, to whom I am most grateful.  Please check out the Resources section for suggestions for further exploration.

In addition to my enthusiasm for the Enneagram and its many applications, I am also a lover of poetry.  I have found that poems can give us a great insight into the types, as well as provide the opportunity to "feel into" what it's like to be each of the types.  Click here to go to the Poetry & The Enneagram Blog.

My hope is that from this site you will learn about the Enneagram and the many teachers and resources available, and that it will inspire you to continue learning and growing on your own.  Enjoy the journey!
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The Enneagram

From Greek roots:

"ennea" meaning nine, and

"grammos" meaning figure

  • Centers of Intelligence

  • Wings

  • Levels of Development

  • Stress Points

  • Growth Points

  • Instincts & Subtypes

  • Triads

  • Spiritual Dimensions

universe 3.jpg

"The purpose of the personality

is to become a transparent jewel

through which the Universe can shine."

                                  - Sufi saying

Enneagram Basics
A Roadmap to Your Type
Pathways to Growth
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